Postdoctoral researchers
Postdoctoral researcher opportunities (funded by NIH) are now available in the laboratory of Dr. Daifeng Wang located at the Waisman Center and the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our lab’s research focuses on using machine learning approaches and bioinformatics tools to understand functional genomics and predict phenotypes in the human brain and brain diseases.

The ideal candidate should hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in a field related to bioinformatics, computer science, data science, biology, engineering, physics, or a related area and possess proficiency in coding and programming languages such as R, Python, or Matlab. Previous experience with next-generation sequencing data, bioinformatics software development, and machine learning would be an advantage but not mandatory.

Join us in an interdisciplinary research environment and collaborate with leading researchers from the Waisman Center, UW-Madison, and other top institutes. If you’re interested in this exciting opportunity, please send your CV and a list of three references to daifeng.wang@wisc.edu and daifeng.wang@outlook.com.

Ph.D. students
Graduate research assistant positions on bioinformatics and machine learning applications are available for Ph.D. students. Potential graduate students can apply the graduate programs in Biomedical Data Science, Computer Sciences and Genetics at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and indicate interest in this lab. Current Ph.D. students at UW-Madison are encouraged to directly contact Dr. Daifeng Wang. Contact information is here.

MS students
Research projects are available for MS students. The students in UW-Madison are encouraged to register BMI 699/CS 799. Contact information is here.

Undergraduate students
We have a number of projects in data mining, machine learning, bioinformatics and data science for motivated undergraduate students. The students in UW-Madison are encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) program. Contact information is here.