Principal Investigator

daifeng_wang_photoDaifeng Wang, Ph.D. [CV]
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Affiliated Assistant Professor, Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Co-director, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource, Stony Brook Cancer Center
Stony Brook University
Office: HSC L3-045H
Phone: +1(631)638-1329
Degree and Training:
* Postdoc, Yale University
* Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests:
* Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
* Machine learning
* Biomedical data science

Lab Members

Ting Jin (PhD student, BMI, Fall 2017 -)
Nam Nguyen (PhD candidate, CS, Summer 2017 -)


Sanjeevani Choudhery (M.S. in ECE, Spring 2019)
Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Texas A&M University

Rahul Bhansali (M.S. in computer science, Fall 2018)
Software engineer, Google, Mountain View, California

Neha Mane (M.S. in computer science, Fall 2018)
Technology Analyst, Morgan Stanley, New York City

Abhishek Srinivasa Raju Padmavathi (M.S. in computer science, Fall 2018)
Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Alisha Kamat (M.S. in computer science, Fall 2017)
Software engineer, Intuit, Mountain View, California

So Yeon Min (Undergraduate student, MIT EECS, funded by Google Summer of Code 2017)
Project: Web App for Identifying Gene Expression Biomarkers to Classify Cancer Patient Outcomes [github, youtube demo]

Joshua Lee, Vineet Malhotra, William Sun (High school students, 2017 Computer Science and Informatics Research Experience Program for K12 Students)
(Stony Brook News and Vineet’s project youtube demo)

Manojit Mosur Swamynathan (Rotation PhD student, Spring 2017)