Principal Investigator

daifeng_wang_photoDaifeng Wang, Ph.D. [CV]
Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Waisman Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Degree and Training:
* Postdoc, Yale University
* Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Lab Members

* Shuang Liu, Ph.D. (Assistant Scientist, Waisman Center, Summer 2019 -)
(Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; Postdoc, Yale University)

* Susu Qu, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Waisman Center, Mar 2020 -)
(Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences)

* Ting Jin (PhD student, Biomedical Data Science, Fall 2017 -)

* Nam Nguyen (PhD candidate, Computer Science in SBU & Honorary Fellow in UW-Madison, Summer 2017 -)

* Xingyi Li (Visiting PhD candidate, Computer Science in Central South University, Hunan, China, December 2019 – )

* Peter R Rehani (Undergraduate student, Neurobiology & Computer Science, Fall 2019 -)

* Mufang Ying (Master’s student, Data Science in Statistics, Fall 2019 -)
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  • Sanjeevani Choudhery (M.S. in ECE, SBU, Spring 2019)
    Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Texas A&M University
  • Rahul Bhansali (M.S. in computer science, SBU, Fall 2018)
    Software engineer, Google, Mountain View, California
  • Neha Mane (M.S. in computer science, SBU, Fall 2018)
    Technology Analyst, Morgan Stanley, New York City
  • Abhishek Srinivasa Raju Padmavathi (M.S. in computer science, SBU, Fall 2018)
    Software Development Engineer, Amazon
  • Alisha Kamat (M.S. in computer science, SBU, Fall 2017)
    Software engineer, Intuit, Mountain View, California
  • So Yeon Min (Undergraduate student, MIT EECS, funded by Google Summer of Code 2017), Project: Web App for Identifying Gene Expression Biomarkers to Classify Cancer Patient Outcomes [github, youtube demo]
  • Joshua Lee, Vineet Malhotra, William Sun (High school students, 2017 Computer Science and Informatics Research Experience Program for K12 Students)
    (Stony Brook News and Vineet’s project youtube demo)
  • Manojit Mosur Swamynathan (Rotation PhD student, SBU, Spring 2017)